We believe that repetitive, intellectually demanding tasks in IVF laboratory will be gradually performed by artificial intelligence (AI).

We believe that most of embryologists time will be more and more spent around activities only humans can do – empathetic conversations with patient to uncover hidden causes of infertility or around creating new treatment approaches based on scientific research.

We are convinced that machine learning (ML) is capable to support embryologists very effectively during ICSI procedure.


We use machine learning (ML) to train artificial neural networks (ANN) to perform ICSI in real time using camera as “eyes” and ANN as “brain”.

Automatic ICSI is based on 1.000’s of ICSI videos performed by skilled human embryologists covering all imaginable real life situations with positive as well as negative results.

Artificial neural networks (ANN) learn from the videos how to, as well as how not to deal with all sorts of different real life scenarios to perform ICSI in the best possible way to ensure positive outcome – consistently successful egg fertilization.


Automatic ICSI is a supporting software based on artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning (ML), automating those parts of ICSI that can be automated, e.g. egg penetration, sperm injection etc.

1Gathering data

It’s objective is to ensure standardised and consistent performance of ICSI procedure, and to gather objective data throughout the entire ICSI process which can be then used to improve clinical and scientific results.

2Supporting software

Automatic ICSI is not meant to replace embryologists. Like EKG didn’t replace cardiologists.


Ensured consistency

Since ICSI is heavily dependent on human skills and human skills are subject to

1Learning curve

2Fluctuations due to fatigue or concentration


Automatic ICSI addresses all of them thus ensuring consistency of all ICSI procedures.

Ensured predictability

although it is related to consistency, we emphasise it separately due to the fact that IVF process never guarantees results, so any predictable element helps to eliminate portion of uncertainty

Ensured data collection

Availability of objective data covering entire ICSI process second by second provides the base for quality control as well as further improvements – clinical and scientific.

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